Home Thermometer 3 individual Pieces Set, AHC1, AH2, DH1-S



    • Includes 1 AHC1 Candy Deep Fry Thermometer,
    • 1 AH2 Instant Read Dial Thermometer, and
    • 1 DH1-S Gourmet Digital Thermometer, Silver.
    • The Escali AHC1 Candy Deep Fry Thermometer will help you cook candy or deep fried foods to the perfect consistency.
    • Features easy to read dial display with various confectionary cooking temperatures.
    • The AH2 features a magnified lens and protective sheath with target cooking temperatures
    • The DH1-S is a digital thermometer that features an extra-long probe for extended reach and
    • a comfort grip handle ensure this premium thermometer is ready for prolonged use.
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