Winners Of The Month

(From 21-July To 20-August)

Sr. Name of the Winners Date of Order States Billing Email
1 John Rahkola 8/5/2023 AZ joh****
2 Cindy McAmis 7/22/2023 GA 854****
3 Kim Weiland 8/5/2023 TX uhn****
4 Diane Kay 8/9/2023 PA sam****
5 Robert W. Seiberling 8/2/2023 AL qthj****
6 DARYL D PAWLUSH 8/7/2023 PA wer****
7 Pat Slosson 7/25/2023 WA uyj****
8 Gary Sontag 7/29/2023 FL olk****
9 Tara Wicketts Lopez 8/15/2023 TX wer****
10 Linda Koledin 8/3/2023 OH feg****
11 Kami Ellison 8/10/2023 AZ ziq****
12 Charles E. Garris 8/4/2023 FL lom****
13 Lori Whitney 8/19/2023 NM qwe****
14 Beverly Douglas 8/1/2023 VA 732****
15 Deborah keenan 7/28/2023 CA deb****
16 Mark Curry 7/30/2023 CA 86a****
17 Teena Prary 7/23/2023 NV tpr****
18 BETSY TELFORD 7/29/2023 UT tel****
19 Shelba Taylor 8/2/2023 GA nob****
20 Nancy Wright 8/5/2023 NY nw8****

Next “Winners” will be announced  (from 21 August To 20 September)

(Winner will also be notified via email)



  1. Customers are chosen automatically from 20th to 20th of each month. i.e. 08/20/2018 to 09/20/2018 ,
  2. Customer who made purchases after 20th of each month will be cadre in next phase.
  3. Name of winners shall be email to all customers but the coupon code will be send to only winners with a separate email from
  4. Customers that are not winner in this phase , may use other rewards program to make purchasing at
  5. Winners are chosen by automatically with our system generated algorithm.
  6. Value of coupon will be calculated by considering your overall order size during respective month. i.e. 08/20/2018 to 09/20/2018
  7. Coupon code that is not used within 1 week will be expired and a system generated product equivalent or less to your coupon value will be shipped automatically at your respective order shipping address.
  8. Fornax Store will not entitle any request to change the product, because it’s a system generated responsive product.
  9. Coupon Value is calculated on the basis of different factors including your order size and purchasing behavior during respective month at
Order Size Winning Amount
$15-$50 10
$51- $80 20
$81-$120 30
$121-$160 40
$161- $300 80
$301-$500 120
Above $500 150

Factors that effects the algorithm:

  • Over all Order size in Amount during the period
  • Frequency of visiting site
  • Quantity of Orders during the period

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